March 29 - Rolitrans International has recently introduced the Rolitrans Heavy Lift Fly Over Bridge System (RFOBS) to expand its asset base and safe working practices, whilst aiming to introduce a universal transport solution, writes Charlotte Matheson.

"We were tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars over and over again to strengthen bridges of questionable capacity," stated Stephan Behrmann, director of PT Rolitrans International, Jakarta, when asked what influenced this investment.

He added: "Instead we wanted to offer our clients a universally acceptable and certified bridging system eliminating cost unpredictability and tedious bureaucracy."

The RFOBS is a panel bridge system designed to sustain total loads of up to 327 tonnes and maximum spans of up to 54 m.

The system consists of individual ramp-arches, allowing various trailer footprints, and a set number of modular main-support segments, supplemented by access ramps. Optional extension ramps are available to reduce the drive-on/-off inclination and Rolitrans says that the entire RFOBS' surface is treated with a special anti-slip rubber coating guaranteeing prime mover traction for the 
heaviest of loads.

Being supplied in its own purpose-built 20 ft standard ISO containers, the RFOBS is easy to transport, says Rolitrans and can be set up very quickly with the support of 20 tonne capacity crane.

Behrmann added that the design and construction of the system was undertaken by a leading European bridge building company and certified by Lloyds Register from manufacturing to testing. Trials were conducted under the supervision of Puslitbang (the Bridge-Division of the Public Works of Indonesia) and Lloyds Register, whilst electronically recording comprehensive data on deflection, bearing behaviour and overall performance with various weight and load configurations.

"With million-dollar cargoes loaded on our RFOBS, we wanted to be absolutely sure the system performs as designed. But with a Live-Load Safety Factor of 1.2 of stated maximum capacities at various spans, I was quite relaxed during the trials," added Behrmann.

Rolitrans claims the RFBOS is a unique piece of equipment in South East Asia that can reduce potential bridge collapses as a result of heavy lift transportation on roads.