October 8 - Heavy lift crane contractor Sarens Group has enjoyed a hectic six months to October, says CEO Wim Sarens.

Over the summer months, and in the face of the general global economic difficulties, the group has provided crane capacity in a number of significant infrastructure projects throughout Asia, North America, Africa and Europe as well as strategic investment in new equipment.

This expansion has included the arrival of another 1,600 tonne capacity CC8800-1 crane, the creation of the group's own 120,000 tonne capacity heavy lift giant and more additions throughout its global business units, such as the addition of a 700 tonne capacity telescopic crane in Poland. New sales and technical staff have also been taken on.

The company handled bridge components, new roofs, railway infrastructure and a heavy lift boiler installation. Among these projects was the erection of 6,000 tonne steel construction of buildings, platforms, pipe racks and a second contract involved loading, internal transport and installation of 7,200 tonnes of equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, columns, air coolers at a site in the Netherlands; the positioning of a bridge in France; lifting for an oil refinery project in India; and the use of 48 axle-line Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT), System 610/324bracing system and slide track system at a project in Canada.

Further information on all of the above can be seen at: http://www.sarens.com/mailings/HWN/mailingSarens.asp?mailing=16