January 27 - Bob Felix, president, has moved to reassure the market that its business sector remains bullish and the company staff are confident in the immediate future prospects of the company.

"While there is concern about the economy and what changes will take place in the near future, SRT would like to assure our clients, partners, and vendors that our future is stable. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cooper/T. Smith, a privately held company, we receive full support and maintain financial stability. SRT will continue to adapt to the economic environment and work to emerge with new ideas," says Felix. "Keep an eye out for a very exciting 2009 in store for SRT!"

Recent shipments undertaken by SRT have included the emergency shipment of an oversized item from Minnesota to south Texas, including the need to manage a change of destination, and the movement of five vessels from the Port of Houston to Edmonton, Canada. Originally the shipper had intended transport by road for four of the five vessels, the heaviest of which weighed 230 tonnes and was 30 m in length. Delivery took three weeks and switching from road saved the client USD 4 million, says Felix.

Anyone involved in the movement of OOG or heavy cargoes by rail should take a look at the feature that will be published in the March/April edition of HLPFI. If you would like to speak to one of the researchers working on the feature let us know.