August 17 - July saw aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, book 1,114 charter contracts, making it the company's best month on record.

Group ceo, Justin Bowman, commented: "It is a great achievement to have organised more than 1,100 charters in a month - many of these consisting of multiple sectors. With our diversification into other markets, such as on-board couriers (OBCs) and aircraft sales, we actually arranged a total of 1,212 contracts in July. That is an average of one contract every 36 minutes.

"Full cargo charter numbers did appear to suffer a little in the UK, however European business was stable and we saw impressive growth in our Asian offices as well as Australia, which has got off to an excellent start, after opening earlier this year. Our OBC division has also enjoyed strong growth throughout the year and contributed to July's record.

"The addition of our three latest offices, in Geneva, Miami and Sydney, has also increased numbers as they are starting to establish themselves as profitable operations.

"Last August was our previous record so, fingers crossed, we can maybe better July's figures this month."