July 24 - The Power Logistics Asia 2013 exhibition and conference, which will be hosted in Singapore, September 30-31, 2013, will feature Per Th

Thörnblom will outline the key advantages that dedicated software brings to the planning of heavy lift projects, and how the applications of such technology can ensure timely, safe and on-budget project delivery.

Computer aided drawing (CAD) is a becoming a vital element in the planning process of loading and storing complex project shipments. Lashing calculations identify the best way to secure cargo on a vessel. Onboard stability monitoring tools and weather routing software help to plan safe and efficient voyages.

"Project logistics is a diverse and demanding field, in which having the right skills, knowledge and experience is essential. Project skills are built on practical experience and a solid background in shipping and logistics - and we now have new tools to enhance that expertise," says Thörnblom.

Some of the world's leading project forwarders and their clients from the EPC, oil and gas, energy and mining sectors will gather at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel for PowerLogistics Asia 2013, including Chevron, Technip, Jacobs Engineering, Mammoet, Jumbo Shipping, SAL Heavy Lift, JAS Forwarding amongst others.

A key topic at the conference will be attracting talented individuals to the project logistics sector. Finding the right staff with the correct skill-set is important, but so is utilising specialist staff already within organisations, added Thörnblom.

"Staff with a practical background, who have served at sea or who have been involved in heavy lift logistics operations, are always a good fit," he said.

"Within GAC, wherever we can, we aim to bring existing employees into the heart of project logistics operations - as and when required - and train them in the specific skills they need."

Per Thörnblom