November 24 - Incheon International Airport, the world's second largest international cargo airport and home base of Korean Air, the world's biggest cargo airline has been chosen to host The International Air Cargo Association's (TIACA) International Air

The airport is the biggest gateway located at the centre of the fastest growing Northeast Asian market currently generating 20 percent of world GDP and 27 percent of the world logistics volume. Incheon handles 81 percent of Korea's total air cargo and 25 percent of the country's total trade volume.

Handling more than 2.42 million tonnes of air cargo a year, the airport has ambitious growth forecasts to increase cargo handling capacity to seven million tons per annum by 2020, supported by continued growth in its freight infrastructure. Since commencing operations in 2001, Incheon's cargo business has achieved cumulative annual growth of 9 percent while aircraft movements have climbed 16 percent per year.

TIACA's International Air Cargo Forum & Exposition will be hosted in the COEX convention centre located in the World Trade Centre Complex in Seoul.

Ulrich Ogiermann (seen below), chairman of TIACA, said: "We are proud that Incheon International Airport wants to bring TIACA's Air Cargo Forum to Seoul in 2014 and we know this will be a popular choice for the thousands of delegates and hundreds of exhibitors that will participate in the event. We know executives in the air cargo industry prefer to attend events in the major cargo capitals of the world so Incheon International Airport is a first class host that is setting a benchmark for cargo gateways around the world."