August 23 - Next month, an expert team from materials handling and transport equipment manufacturer Scheuerle and sister companies Nicolas and Kamag, will attend the SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology) 2010 trade fair in Hamburg from Septe

The fair, which brings a full range of participants in the global shipbuilding industry together under one roof, will allow Scheuerle to address its product message directly to key decision makers, says the Pfedelbach, Germany-based manufacturer. The three companies are part of the TII Group.

The fair is especially vital to the TII Group as it offers a broad product portfolio to shipyards and the offshore industry to meet a wide range of transport requirements in manufacturing and assembly locations.

The team is set to headline product highlights to SMM visitors, including last year's world record movement of an item weighing 15,000 tonnes moved on SPMTs from Scheuerle and Kamag during a project in Norway.

The future development of Scheuerle SPMTs will be described as the company moves from third to fourth generation: this will be manufactured with high precision by robots which have been developed especially for the company. The fourth generation will see an increase of axle loads from 40 tonnes to the new generation's axle load of 48 tonnes with the use of foamed-filled tyres (polyfill) or super-elastic (solid) tyres.

To answer the growing needs of alternative power generation, the TII Group companies provide a wide range of equipment for the transport of offshore wind power station infrastructure and investment items. Beginning with offshore "jackets" and tripods through to individual wind power plant components, the TII Group will be able to discuss its most appropriate solution with potential clients, says the company.

New products that will be demonstrated include the Scheuerle-Kamag K25 and K22 series and the MDEL fromNicolas.

The K25 is a "new autonomous platform trailer which differs from previous platform trailers" says the company and provides the strongest bending moment on the market, accessible steering rods, reinforced lamellar coupling and wear-resistant construction. The product range includes the K25 FR (Self Propelled), SPE (Self Propelled Electronically Steered), PB (Power Booster), SL (Split Type), ES (Extra Strong) and UL (Ultra Light).

The K22's low, wide, high load capacity is offered with a minimum platform height of 770 mm when fully lowered which, the company says, allows tall loads, in spite of being directly loaded on the platform trailers, to be easily driven under bridges and high voltage transmission lines.