February 17 - Tutt Bryant Group Limited has joined forces with Fagioli SpA to form TBF Oceania Pty Ltd (Tutt Bryant Fagioli), a 50:50 joint venture (JV) company.

According to a company statement, TBG and Fagioli are ideally matched, their combined resources and experience have created a joint venture that is able to provide a new level of lift and shift capability in the Australian market.

TBF says that it will operate at the very top of the industry. Its engineering and technical resources will enable it to tender for and undertake any project requiring the movement and lifting of components of up to 32,000 tonnes.

Resources projects like Gorgon LNG, Gladstone LNG, Wheatstone, Impex and others are being applied for, either to pre-qualify or as a full tender. TBF has the necessary resources to satisfy not only the technical scope of works of all these projects but can deliver a comprehensive crane and heavy haulage package that meets appropriate Occupational Health Safety & Environmental standards as well as required human resources conditions.

Mr David Haynes, managing director of TBG, said that he is excited by the potential of the JV. "TBF will provide cranage from 20 tonne to 1,350 tonnes and platform trailers in excess of 1,650 axles (being a combination of modular and self propelled units). Gantry systems from 450 to 1,400 tonnes, strand jacks up to 750 tonnes individual capacity and unlimited combined capacity will deliver real competitive advantage as we tender for large resources projects.

"In addition, the JV will be able to offer 3,000 tonne capacity tower lift systems plus 7,200 tonne capacity jacking and skidding systems. The heavy haulage division will have over 30 prime movers and a fleet of various trailers ranging from flatbeds, low loaders and platforms."

The partnership has a formidable lifting, jacking, skating and heavy haulage capability. It also has engineering resources to design and apply economical and safe lifting and moving solutions including a project logistics division dedicated to freight forwarding activities and operating on a worldwide basis for major projects in Australia and the surrounding region.

Mr Fabio Belli, CEO of the Fagioli Group, said he was looking forward to the opportunities presented by the formation of the JV to expand the Group's presence in the Australian marketplace.

"Being able to tender for big projects by combining Fagioli's global resources with TBG's proven track record in crane hire will enhance our prospects of success in relation to a number of important resources contracts. Furthermore the natural synergy and similar culture of both partners provides for an easy fit for the JV," Mr Belli said.

The Registered Office of TBF will be located with Tutt Bryant in Sydney while, operational activities will be based in Perth.