August 6 - Maindeck and bellyhold project airfreight suffered a double-digit fall year-on-year in June as the global economic crisis continues to hurt high and heavy project activity.

According to figures released by the Geneva-based International Air Transport Association (IATA), international scheduled freight traffic results for June show freight demand was down 16.5ompared with June 2008.

Cargo demand remained weak at 16.50elow June 2008 levels. This is a moderate improvement, albeit from extremely weak levels, over May, which was 17.40elow 2008 levels. There has been some improvement in world trade and, after adjusting for seasonal fluctuations, freight volumes rose 6 0.000000rom the low point recorded in December 2008. However, the utilisation of airfreight capacity on international routes remained very weak (47.3%) in June due to unbalanced trade flows with Asia and some market share loss to ocean transport.