The Netherlands-headquartered manufacturer of lifting, lashing, and mooring fittings, Van Beest, has been granted a ‘Royal’ title as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Company ceo Hendrik Kok said: “The Royal title is not granted lightly. We submitted an application in May 2021 in connection with our upcoming 100th anniversary. You then enter into a process in which the Royal House investigates the date of establishment, the company’s financial soundness, safety standards, social involvement, innovativeness, labour conditions and sustainability. The directors during all these years were also investigated and the mayor of Sliedrecht’s advice on the application was requested. We are very pleased and proud that this has resulted in our company receiving the Royal title. However, this is not for eternity. After a period of 25 years, you have to submit a new application and go through the process again.”  

Consequently, Van Beest Group is changing its name to the Royal Van Beest Group.

“We bear the Royal title with pride, also because this shows customers that we are a reliable and solid company, with the necessary ambition to continue to grow,” Kok added. 

“We aren’t sitting on our laurels, and we are increasingly working together with parties that are facilitating the energy transition. We are developing specific products for these companies. In addition, we are working on increasing the sustainability of our production process as much as possible, with heat from the forge that we reuse in the manufacturing process, but also with solar panels on the roofs of our buildings. This is how we continue to invest in innovation, and we have been doing so for one hundred years now.”