March 22 - Wilhelmsen Ships Service has appointed a new general manager for Canada, Brian Philip, based in Vancouver.

Philip is charged with driving what is expected to be significant growth in Canada by developing and strengthening the company's ability to deliver a full range of Wilhelmsen Ships Service's operations.

He will be based in Vancouver and Jon Arve Nilsen, area director for North and Central America at Wilhelmsen Ships Service says that his main focus will be to develop the company's infrastructure further to fully offer all Wilhelmsen Ships Service's products and services in Canada. He will also be a key member of the North & Central America management team."

He adds, "For more than 30 years, Wilhelmsen Ships Service has been serving the Canadian market through its two offices in Vancouver and Montreal complemented by strategic partnerships in other ports. Given the significant market opportunities, notably in the oil and gas sector and mining industries, Wilhelmsen Ships Service recognises the increased need for an even stronger setup in Canada."