February 14 - Wagenborg Nedlift has lifted a fully equipped absorber column, which weighed 258 tonnes, onto its foundations at OCI's ammonia plant at the Chemelot site in Geleen, the Netherlands.

Wagenborg Nedlift, Sietch, Stork and OCI drew up a job safety analysis before the lift went ahead, and it was decided that the top section of the main boom would be covered with heat reflective material in order to avoid risk of the plant's flare catching fire.

The absorber column, which had a length of 47 m and a diameter of 4.6 m, was lifted using a 750-tonne Liebherr LR1750 crawler crane, which was equipped with a 63 m main boom, 134 tonnes of counterweight, and 220 tonnes of super lift counterweight.

A 750-tonne LTM1750 mobile crane was also deployed to assist the crawler in erecting the absorber.