Airpes – a manufacturer of lifting, weighing and below-the-hook equipment – plans to open a back-shop that will support customers in the metals, wind and heavy-duty sectors in the USA and Canada.

Tad Dunville, general manager at Airpes Americas, explained that the company is transitioning to the next stage of a three-phase roadmap in North America: “We started by securing a formal presence in the USA, where experienced management was empowered to sell series production lifting tools in the region.

“We then expanded infrastructure through sales representatives and dealers on a national network; and now we are providing a back-shop and technical support to our dealer partners for certain issues they do not or cannot handle.”

Alex Lozano, technical director at Airpes Americas, said: “I spend most of my day supporting wind energy lifting customers and I am excited to help our EOT [electric overhead traveling] crane customers as well now.”