June 4 - ALE has unveiled its latest innovation, the Mega Jack 800, which was designed by the company's research and development division to provide a unique jacking solution.

The Mega Jack 800 is designed to bridge the gap between the capacities of current solutions, and is able to be integrated with other heavy lift equipment for a more efficient solution.

It will provide jacking solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including civil, mining, power generation and offshore, said ALE.

The new Mega Jack is made up of jacking towers, each with a capacity of 800 tonnes, and is scalable to accommodate a wide variety of individual projects. The jack is containerised, can be built completely at ground level and utilises a low assembly height for installation.

Multiple towers can also be combined with a starter beam to create 1,600-tonne and 2,4000-tonne capacities per jacking point.

The Mega Jack's computer-based system controls the automated programming and operation of the cassette feed-in system, which requires only one point of feed on any side for minimal onsite disruption.

The jacking cassettes plus starter beam and end cassette can be bolted together to take up to a 25 percent uplift per corner.

"This gives the unbraced system an enormous horizontal load capacity," said Ronald Hoefmans, group technical director of ALE.

The Mega Jack 800 can also integrate with other services, such as skidding systems, to provide a complete solution and additional services such as bridge launching.