Transportbedrijf Schoones has taken delivery of a trio of four-axle semi low-loaders from Broshuis.

broshuis semi low loader heavy lift pfi

“When purchasing the trailers, nothing was left to chance,” said Mark Schoones, director/owner at the Vinkel, the Netherlands-based operator. “The trailers have been fully thought out so that they can be used in a multifunctional way. With a double wheel well and crane arm recess we can transport almost any machine up to 40 tonnes ourselves. This is essential in our work because we don’t always know what needs to be transported the next day.” 

The model was chosen to comply with German transportation regulations, he added.  

The wheel wells for semi low-loaders are extendable, so longer machines can also be handled. With a loading floor width of 2.75 m (extendable to 3.25 m), wider machines can be transported.