Germany-based civil engineering specialist D&K Spezial Tiefbau has added a Tadano ATF 100G-4 all-terrain crane to its fleet.

The four-axle crane offers a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes. It has a maximum radius of 58 m and takes up an area of around 13 m x 2.75 m on the crane site, Tadano said.

The ATF 100G-4 has a total of 12 counterweight variants, and its asymmetrical outrigger base control means it can always achieve the maximum lifting capacity regardless of how far the outrigger beams are extended, the crane manufacturer explained.

Alexander Dreier, D&K manager, explained that the company opted for this crane for its robustness: “The Tadano machines are always ready to go, and the chances of major repairs being needed are very slim. This means the cranes are always working to capacity, which is brilliant for us.”

Tadano also explained that its highly robust fine-grained steel in the structure of its cranes help models such as the ATF 100G-4 withstand the dirt, moisture and vibrations that often occur during construction work.