Japan-headquartered Denzai Group has added Goldhofer's ADDrive, the FTV 500 blade transporter and RA 4 tower adapters to its fleet of heavy-duty trailers.


Goldhofer said that Denzai is the first Japanese company to invest in the Addrive and FTV 500. The Germany-based trailer manufacturer said the ADDrive offers more efficiency and flexibility to heavy hauliers, since it can be used as a self-propelled vehicle and as a towed module.

Denzai is also the first Japanese company to acquire the FTV 500; Goldhofer said the unit allows wind turbine blades to be transported to locations that are inaccessible by normal semi-trailers. The system allows blades to be lifted, raised and rotated during transit. Denzai has also invested in RA 4 tower adapters to meet the growing logistics requirements of the Japanese energy industry.

The Japanese government wants wind energy to play a more significant role in the country¹s power generation mix. According to the Japanese Wind Power Association (JWPA), total wind power capacity in Japan is expected to triple to 10 GW by 2020 and grow to 75 GW by 2046.