November 30 - Belgian multinational crane rental and engineering company Sarens is helping the worldwide fight against cancer by being involved in the construction of a key Italian research centre.

The company is assisting in the kitting-out of a proton therapy centre for IBA in Trento, Italy in an 18-week project involving, among other activities, the lifting of a 220 tonne cyclotron. Furthermore Sarens will be responsible for the mechanical installation as well as the wiring of the electrical part of the installation. 

This follows work Sarens has already executed on similar projects through its US subsidiary Rigging International. This is the first time the company will execute the first type of this project on the European mainland. 

The proton therapy centre will be constructed in Trento, Italy and will be used for the treatment of cancer. Proton therapy, in which IBA is the world leader, enables patients to be treated for cancer with a more precise dose in the tumour, fewer side effects and better results. For this purpose protons are fired off andonly release their energy where the tumour is located.



The Sarens Group specialises in projects involving lifting and moving loads with exceptional sizes and weights. The family owned company operates in 51 countries, employs some 3,000 staff around the world, with a consolidated turnover of EUR420 million (USD559.40 million). The company has its own fleet of cranes, SPMTs and various alternative lifting and skidding equipment systems available worldwide for projects in different market segments.