Crane service provider Heinrichs has received two Tadano Demag cranes – the ATF-220-5.1 and ATF-140-5.1 – and has deployed them for operations on a construction site.

The Heinrichs team and Manfred Drößer (sales area manager for Tadano Faun and Tadano Demag) at the handover of the new crane.

Thomas Heinrichs, owner of Heinrichs, said that the two additions to its fleet means the company can offer “an even more bespoke service” to its customers.

Heinrichs deployed the ATF-220-5.1 on a construction site where an asphalt plant had to be dismantled. The crane has a lifting capacity of up to 64.1 tonnes, a working radius up to 38 m and hook height up to 69.5 m.

The ATF-140-5.1 replaces Heinrichs’ old ATF 110G-5. Heinrichs said: “We have always been satisfied with the latter, but the additional 30 tonnes of lifting capacity offer us even more versatility when it comes to our operational planning.”

The crane was ordered with a boom extension. With the extension, the crane has a hook height up to 93.5 m and a working radius of 72 m.

The ATF-140-5.1 was also deployed at the construction site, where it removed a chimney.