Hendrik Veder Group will produce, certify, and supply heavy hoisting equipment to Boskalis for a project being undertaken in India.

The hoisting equipment includes sling ropes, which will be produced and certified at Hendrik Veders’ production site in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The equipment will then be delivered in specially developed containers to Boskalis’ new site in Vlaardingen, which will serve as a support hub for its activities throughout the world.

Some of the equipment is custom-built for the project, but a large portion of it will be rented. Hendrik Veder said that under its sustainable process approach, all rented hoisting equipment is reused and refurbished as needed.

Egbert Vennik, ceo of Hendrik Group, added: “Our team has the knowledge and expertise to see where we can lower costs and put sustainability on the agenda. In this case, it means renting out heavy materials, which will allow Boskalis to reduce both costs and CO2 emissions.”