COSCO Shipping (Qidong) Offshore has awarded Huisman a contract for the design and construction of a leg encircling crane (LEC).

LEC-A19-10930 CADELER - LEC_RevA_Persbericht

The crane will be installed on Cadeler’s newbuild F-class jack-up vessel. According to Huisman, the vessel features a unique design that enables it to convert from being a foundation installation unit to a wind turbine generator installation vessel within a short period of time.

Huisman will design, engineer and construct the LEC at its production facility in Zhangzhou, China. It will be commissioned in 2025 at COSCO’s shipyard in Qidong, China, where the F-class vessel will be built.

Last year, Huisman was awarded a contract for two identical 2,600-tonne capacity LECs for Cadeler’s X-class vessels.

Huisman has designed the LECs to meet the requirements of the continually developing offshore renewable energy sector. The cranes are lightweight yet robust, have high positioning accuracy and are highly energy efficient, contributing to a reduced emissions footprint during the installation of increasingly large turbines, said the manufacturer.