August 17 - Huisman, the Dutch-based manufacturer of lifting, drilling and subsea equipment, has expanded its heavy lifting product range with a range of wind turbine installation cranes which can be customised. The company has designed the tailor-made cr

The new designs for wind turbine installation cranes are based on the company's drive to add value to the market's existing technologies; the customised crane range includes pedestal and ringer cranes for mainly jack-up ships.

In addition to the low construction weight, small footprint and minor tail swing of the existing Huisman cranes, additional value-added features are the extensive lifting height, the small operational minimum radius and the possibility to install the crane around the leg of the jack-up.

The cranes can be outfitted with additional features to ensure a safe installation procedure at high elevations.

Operational cranes delivered by Huisman and currently used for wind turbine installation include the 2 x 800 tonne and 1 x 1,700 tonne A-frames onboard Scaldis multipurpose heavy lift ship Rambiz; the 1,600 tonne sheerleg Taklift 4 owned by Smit; the 300 tonne cranes onboard Seajacks' Kraken and Leviathan and the 900 tonne cranes onboard Jumbo Offshore's Javelin and Fairplayer. Two 750 tonne cranes, planned to be used for a large wind turbine installation project, are currently under construction for Master Marine.

The new range of customised Huisman cranes will be presente