Huisman has signed a letter of intent with CIMC Raffles for the delivery of a 2,600-tonne capacity leg-encircling crane for OIM Wind.

Featuring a 140 m-long boom, the leg-encircling crane will enable OIM Wind to install the next generation of wind turbine generators and foundations.

The crane will be deployed on OIM Wind’s BT-220IU wind installation unit, which has been designed by CIMC’s engineering office in Yantai, China. The crane will be built at the Huisman production facility in Xiamen, China.

In its highest position, the crane’s main hoist will be capable of lifting the maximum load of 2,600 tonnes with a hook height of approximately 165 m above main deck level.

Other features of the leg-encircling crane include a fully electric system; an in-house developed slew-bearing system; and a small tail swing, which will enable optimised utilisation of deck space.

Huisman will deploy its Skyhook crane for the installation, which is scheduled for late 2022.