Ankara-based Işıklar-Antaş Global Lojistik continued to expand its heavy-duty trailer fleet, having acquired VarioMax trailers from Faymonville.

Combi-PA-KBV-5_Antas-Global-Lojisitk_TR_Ch. 205306 (2)

It has purchased two 3+5 VarioMAX trailer units with a 3.5 m extendable vessel bridge. Thanks to its hydraulic widening (from 3 m to 4.7 m), the vessel deck provides flexibility to handle tanks, vessels, tubes, etc. Two elongation beams with a length of 4 m each, plus a pair of 6 m beams, can be added to build up a longer combination.

Moreover, Işıklar-Antaş has taken on two modular eight-axle CombiMAX units.