April 30 - On April 25, 2013 Industrial Training International (ITI) hosted its Showcase Webinar Series titled Rigging & Sling Failures: Case Studies and Solutions.

The webinar series - hosted by ITI president and ceo Mike Parnell - is a free, monthly webcast covering some of the key issues in the crane, lifting and rigging industries.
ITI has conducted more than 60 accident investigations over the past 25 years and in its latest webinar described prevalent patterns in rigging accidents.
Furthermore, 200 attendees contributed to questions regarding rigging accidents.
During ITI's research it identified that 87 percent of rigging accidents involved synthetic slings. According to the webcast participants, in their experience, 81 percent of accidents had involved synthetic rigging.
When attendees were asked about their organisation's use of sling protection, 34 percent noted they "have inadequate materials" or "don't use any at all". ITI affirmed that through its accident investigation experience, a lack of sling protection is a leading cause of synthetic sling failure.

Further information on the topic can be found on the ITI website (link below).