January 29 - The new Liebherr offshore crane, type MTC 78000, marks the Liebherr group of companies' entry into a new market segment of heavy lift cranes for offshore applications.


The MTC 78000 is one of the biggest offshore slewing cranes worldwide and was designed using conventional anti-friction bearing technology. Featuring a maximum dynamic moment of 78,000 tonnes the MTC 78000 is the most powerful machine within the extensive range of cranes and material handling machines offered by the Liebherr group of companies. Four units of the new heavy lift crane have already been ordered to date. 

The MTC 78000 achieves a maximum lifting capacity of 1,600 tonnes at up to 35 metres radius. This corresponds to a maximum dynamic moment of 78,000 tonnes, the crane still being able to slew over 360°. At a maximum radius of 74 metres for the main hoist, the crane achieves a lifting capacity of almost 530 tonnes. The boom length of the cranes currently ordered is 87 metres. In addition to the main hoist, the MTC 78000 offers two auxiliary hoists with lifting capacities of up to 500 tonnes and 50 tonnes respectively. 

Two of the MTC 78000 units that have been ordered will be used as heavy lift cranes for the overhaul and/or renewal of existing offshore platforms.

Liebherr will deliver the remaining two MTC 78000 units currently on order for applications on jack-up barges for assembly of wind power stations of the 5 megawatt class. The heavy lift applications include the installation of tripod foundations weighing up to 1,400 tonnes as well as the assembly of single components with a deadweight of up to 500 tonnes up to a height of 120 metres above sea level or 106 metres above deck.