October 22 - A 1,500 tonne lifting capacity CAL 64000-1500 Litronic heavy lift offshore crane has been installed on the Innovation, a vessel owned by HGO InfraSea Solutions, and is ready to start work.

Built in Rostock, Germany, by Austria-based Liebherr-Werk Nenzing, the crane has a working radius of 31.5 m at full capacity, and at almost 46 m it can still lift 1,000 tonnes.

The boom length of the crane is 105 m and lifting height above the deck of the Innovation is more than 120 m.

The first job to be undertaken by the new heavy lift equipment will be the installation of offshore wind turbines in the Global Tech I wind park in the North Sea off the coast of Europe, where Liebherr said it will reduce set-up time and raise productivity.

Liebherr said there is increasing demand for this type of high performance heavy lift crane for the offshore industry.