December 9 - Further to the news item uploaded here on December 7, Liebherr has now confirmed that its new LR 13000 has successfully completed a lift of more than 3,000 tonnes during tests currently being conducted.

The company says that with a test load of 3,371 tonnes at an outreach of 16 metres, the crane has proven its ability to handle a nominal load from the table of 2,697 tonnes.

For the test, the crane was assembled with a main boom of 60 m in length, a 54 m derrick boom, 400 tonnes of superstructure ballast, and suspended ballast of 1500 tonnes.

This was the heaviest weight which has ever been lifted by a Liebherr crane, and to set up the enormous load Liebherr constructed a special load traverse arrangement.

Now Liebherr says that an even larger load is planned for early in 2011. The LR 13000 will be equipped with a new type of heavy lift boom, which Liebherr has dubbed the Power boom or P-boom. With this system, the new crane should then be able to deal with a load of 3,750 tonnes, meaning that the nominal load of 3,000 tonnes will be tested and approved.