March 28 - Industrial Training International (ITI) is to host a series of webinars on the subjects of crane and rigging.

At 14:00 (US Eastern Standard Time) on April 11, the e-learning provider will give an encore presentation of its "Cranes, Rigging and Your Organization" webinar, which recently attracted 140 participants from around the world.

The next installment of the Showcase Webinar Series takes place on Friday, May 4 and is titled "Effective Crane & Rigging Training Methods for Your Employees".

US-based ITI recently opened a Canadian subsidiary, ITI Canada. "We plan on hiring several trainers based in Edmonton as well as other cities in Canada," said ITI president and CEO Mike Parnell.

"We will also be on the lookout for a highly-qualified person to become ITI Canada's managing director and spearhead our operation in Edmonton," added Parnell, an industry veteran who currently sits on committee with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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