April 25 - Mammoet has employed its LR13000 crawler crane to help install four platform legs on Van Oord's newest wind turbine installation vessel, Aeolus.

The giant crane - which Mammoet claims is the biggest crawler in the world - has been assembled at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven, Germany.

The first of the four 920-tonne and 87 m long steel platform legs has already been settled into its jacking position on the 139 m long and 38 m wide Aeolus.

For this job, Mammoet designed, manufactured and delivered bespoke lifting tools and a tailing frame to ensure that the legs, which have no lifting points, could be lifted securely.

In addition to the platform legs, Mammoet will also install four spudcans, using a specially engineered method that involves placing the partly rigged spudcans on the seabed, moving the Aeolus over them and connecting each unit to the leg with the help of cranes and divers.

Execution of this project began on April 22 and will continue for the next two weeks, with the Aeolus scheduled to be operational by July 2014.