Heavy lift and transport engineering specialist Mammoet has received its first Liebherr LR12500 crawler crane, boasting a 2,500-tonne lifting capacity.

Mammoet takes delivery of LR12500 crawler crane

Source: Mammoet

The LR12500 has a 2,500-tonne lift capacity and a 200 m hook height. It will be used to support nuclear, oil and gas, large-scale civil and offshore wind energy projects. 

The LR12500 has a wide boom for increased stability at a reduced weight. It can fold into compact dimensions to remain in gauge. Its 100 m main boom and 108 m luffing jib contribute to the impressive 200 m maximum hook height.

Last month, Mammoet began assembling its SK6000 crane, the world’s strongest land-based crane, at its Westdorpe facility.