Mammoet has begun assembling its SK6000 crane at its Westdorpe facility.

Mammoet starts to assemble its SK6000

Source: Mammoet

Mammoet begins assembling its SK6000 crane at Westdorpe facility.

The SK6000, which Mammoet describes as the world’s strongest land-based crane, has a maximum lift capacity of 6,000 tonnes. It is capable of lifting components of up to 3,000 tonnes to a height of 220 m. The crane will offer full electric operation, allowing for the transition to cleaner power sources while driving down the carbon impact of energy projects themselves. 

The model builds on the design philosophy of Mammoet’s SK190 and SK350 series, which are proven in the market. Following the mobilisation of all parts to Mammoet’s Westdorpe site, initial works include assembly of the crane’s base frame, power packs and control room. Mammoet’s auxiliary cranes are supporting the build, including two 250-tonne crawler cranes and a 140-tonne Gottwald mobile harbour crane. Assembly work should be complete by Q4 2024. 

HLPFI previously reported on the initial stage of production of the SK6,000 beginning in the third quarter of 2022.