October 11 - Washington, USA headquartered Marcon International has completed the 5,233 nm (9,697 km) tow of ocean crane barge Thomas W from Long Beach, California through the Panama Canal to the Hudson River in New York.

Marcon International's 2,800 BHP twin-screw tug vessel Miss Lis completed the tow in 52 days.  The 69 m x 24 m x 5 m ABS + A1 ocean crane barge is equipped with a 46 m boom, a 400 tonne whirly and three smaller flat deck barges.
Miss Lis will be used in the new Tappan Zee Bridge Project in New York - a new USD3.1 billion, 5 km twin span cable-stayed bridge across the Hudson - the largest bridge construction project in New York's history, says Marcon International.