June 27 - In Germany, Bremen-based Megalift has acquired two new Terex cranes: a fully-equipped Terex AC 40 City and a Challenger 3160, with Megalift general manager Bernd Preu

The new AC 40 City will be the third unit of this model in Megalift's fleet. The crane's compact dimensions are one of the main reasons why Megalift uses it primarily for indoor projects at factories, such as relocating machinery. 

Megalift believes that Challenger crane's ideal axle loads were a strong selling: "Our authorities are very, very picky with axle loads, and the Challenger lets us rest assured knowing that we don't have to worry about a thing - its axle loads are optimally balanced, and with a width of just 2.55 m, it is very easy to use in urban downtown projects," explains Borchers. The unit's large lifting capacity while telescoping, together with its strong hoisting rope, make it an ideal machine for assignments in which large loads are involved. 

The powerful and compact Terex Challenger 3160 is currently the only three-axle crane with a 55 tonne lifting capacity designed with one-person operation in mind. With a 50 m single-cylinder telescopic boom and a maximum lifting capacity of 35.6 tonnes when working with a reach of four metres, the Terex Challenger 3160 can be operated independently by a single person while remaining under an axle load limit of 12 tonnes (for countries with a maximum axle load limit of 10 tonnes, the crane can set down its own counterweight, keeping the unit's total service weight under 30 tonnes). 

Terex says that the Terex® AC 40 City is particularly well-suited for operations that have to be performed in constrained spaces: its overall height makes it possible to work with clearance heights as small as 2.99 m, while a total length of only 8.57 m and a carrier length of 7.34 m provide a high level of maneuverability even under the tightest conditions, enhanced by its three-axle independent rear-axle steering.