PHL Hydraulics UK has used an Enerpac SCJ-50 cube jack system to install a 40-ton (36.3-tonne) processing vessel in a chemical plant.

The vessel, measuring 80 m x 4 m, needed to be raised 1.5 m so that a 1 m-high platform could be inserted beneath.

The vessel was initially raised from 0.25 m using jacking beams. At 0.5 m, four cube jacks were inserted at each corner. The cube jacks then raised the vessel to 1.5 m and accurately lowered it onto the platform.

Damien Lynch, sales director at PHL Hydraulics UK, said that as the plant was fully operational, using a forklift truck to move cribbing back and forth would have been impractical: “Deploying the Enerpac cube jack meant we only needed the minimum cribbing to get the vessel to the point where we could switch to the cube jacks.”

Enerpac explained that the jack system can be used in a wide variety of applications, including equipment maintenance, vehicle unloading or jacking a transformer, module, or bridge. The manufacturer added that the compact size and portability makes it suited for use in confined spaces.