At the end of last month, Sarens said that it would add 24 Tadano all-terrain cranes and six Tadano E-packs to its fleet.

sarens tadano 24 crane order heavy lift

The order comprises six AC 3.055-1, AC 4.080-1, and AC 5.130-1 models. Three AC 4.100-4Ls, one AC 5.160-1, one AC 5.220L-1, and one AC 5.250-1 will also be delivered. The cranes will be used in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland, UK, and Australia.

Jan L Sarens, group equipment trade manager, said: “The new cranes along with the E-packs will help us in reducing our carbon footprint. The E-Packs are an environment-friendly solution and will enable virtually silent and completely emission-free crane operations.”