Tadano Demag has launched the AC 450-7 seven-axle all-terrain crane, which it said is a more powerful alternative to its six-axle counterparts.

The AC 450-7 has a carrier length of 15.99 m, an 8.45 m outrigger base, and total length of 17.62 m. Michael Klein, product marketing manager, said that it does not require more space than a six-axle crane at a work site, “yet it offers significantly better lifting capacities”.

The crane features an 80 m-long main boom with a lifting capacity of up to 195.5 tonnes. If the main boom’s length is not sufficient, Tadano Demag said it can be extended with a luffing jib with a maximum length of 81 m.

Tadano Demag has also equipped the crane with its SSL Sideways Superlift system – the first time the engineering design has been used.

“This new design is a critical enhancement to the well-known Demag SSL solution, with the Superlift arms now being mounted all the way in the front, on the head of the base section, meaning that they are ultimately longer and accordingly well-suited to larger lifting capacities,” Tadano Demag explained.

The Superlift design also delivers better functionality and handling, requiring only one single wire rope line for the connection between the main boom head and the SSL arm. The SSL arms are pinned hydraulically on the main boom, reducing manual work for securing the arms, according to Tadano Demag.

The AC 450-7 has five different outrigger widths, meaning it can be used flexibly, particularly in confined construction site conditions. The optional Demag Surround View camera system uses six crane cameras to display the possible outreach of the outriggers and tail swing radius in a computer-aided display, which could help support the crane operator.