Tadano has expanded its series of rough-terrain cranes with three models for the European market – the GR-700EX-4, GR-900EX-4 and GR-1000EX-4.

The cranes, which offer lifting capacities of 70, 90, and 100 tonnes respectively, have a compact design with a low overall height. They are suited for work in congested construction sites, for maintenance operations, and in the industrial and energy sectors, Tadano said.

The GR-700EX-4 features a compact tail swing for work in tight spaces, offers 70 tonnes of lifting capacity at a 3 m radius, and a 47 m boom length.

The GR-900EX-4 comes with 9.1 tonnes of counterweight that is quickly self-rigged by the crane and is equipped with the two-position Smart Counterweight system. With this technology, the crane has a lifting capacity of 1 tonne at a 40 m radius when the counterweight is in the forward position, and a 1.2 tonne capacity at the same radius when the counterweight is at the rear.

Offering a 51 m-long maximum boom length, the GR-1000EX-4 features a synchronised telescopic boom system. Even though it is the largest rough-terrain crane in the line, the GR-1000EX-4 features an overall height of less than 3.8 m to simplify transportation, Tadano said.

All models are equipped with the Tadano View System, which combines cameras and sonar to support the crane operator during handling. The right front and rear-view cameras help to increase work area visibility for the operator, according to Tadano. Camera feeds are displayed on the Multi-Function Display touchscreen, which can display lift charts, crane configuration and operating settings.

The manufacturer added that the cranes also feature a newly developed pump disconnect feature. This automatically stops the crane’s hydraulic pump after being idle for a set period, reducing fuel consumption. Moreover, a Standard Fuel Monitoring System, Eco-Mode and Positive Control help to further improve fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and operating noise, Tadano said.