October 25 - Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung has used a new Terex Superlift 3800 lattice boom crawler crane to erect an Enercon E-101 wind turbine at the Scharrel community wind farm in Cloppenburg, Germany.

The crane was set up with a SLS + LF_4, 153 main boom and 12 m LF superlift configuration in two days, ready to erect the turbine, which had a height of 149 m.

Having erected the concrete tower sections, the Terex Superlift 3800, with a wire rope length of 167 m, lifted the 67-tonne nacelle to a height of 150 m and placed it on the tower, before positioning three 50 m long lightweight rotor blades to be connected to the nacelle.

The Terex Superlift 3800 can lift a maximum of 650 tonnes at a radius of 5 to 12 m and was developed with the erection of wind turbines in mind.

Erwitte-based Frans Bracht Kran-Vermietung was founded in 1964 and has a fleet of approximately 750 vehicle units, including around 210 mobile cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 7 to 1,600 tonnes.