July 20 - A Terex CC6800 lattice boom crawler crane, owned by MAXIKraft Kran und Schwerlastlogistik GmbH, recently removed the rotor and nacelle of a 5 MW wind turbine working at a height of 90 m.

The assignment, which was performed on behalf of wind farm operator BARD, was part of a series of repairs at theHooksiel offshore wind farm. 

During the project, the heavy lift pontoon Giant 4 brought the Terex CC6800 to the job site, just offshore of Hooksiel, north of Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

It was also responsible for providing the stability required for a total of four lifting operations. 

The first operation consisted of removing and lowering the turbine's 170-tonne rotor, which had a diameter of 127 m, so that the 280 tonne nacelle could be removed during a second lifting operation. Once the repairs were completed, the components were lifted and re-installed onto the tower. 

The MAXIKraft team used an LFVL boom configuration to tailor the crawler crane for the job. The combination of a 90 m main boom and an 18 m fly jib allowed the unit to easily reach the required working height. Meanwhile, a 250 tonne counterweight on the superstructure in addition to a 80 tonne central ballast on the carrier and a Superlift ballast weighing 240 tonnes allowed the crane to operate freely within a working radius of 22 m, making it possible to complete all work on schedule.