May 17 - Austrian crane service provider Felbermayr has installed two oversized components inside a cooling tower of the

A Terex AC 1000 all-terrain crane -in combination with a 500-tonne assist crane - was deployed by Felbermayr to install two heavy pipes.

Space was at a premium inside the cooling tower. One side of the under-construction cooling tower was left open to allow the cranes to drive in. The AC 1000 was positioned to an accuracy of 10 cm inside the tower so that it was able execute the lifts without damaging the tower structure or the pipes. Felbermayr, operating under strict time constraints, only had five days to complete the installation.

"We configured the AC 1000 with a 42 m luffing jib, 13 m outriggers, and a counterweight of 108 tonnes for the lifts," explained Michael Lehner, Felbermayr project manager. The crane was configured and ready for use in only one day.

In a tandem lift, Felbermayr lifted and positioned a 40 m long pipe - weighing approximately 37 tonnes - onto a concrete structure 64.5 m above the ground, inside the cooling tower.

A second standalone lift performed by the AC 1000 hauled a 25 tonne, 12 m pipe to a height of 78 m within the tower. The crane then positioned the second plastic pipe on top of the first. The AC 1000 had to hold the pipe in place for five hours to ensure an adhesive that would bind the two pieces had fully cured.