July 8 - Project cargo forwarder Tuscor Lloyds has been given a key role in the construction of the 1.1km Baluarte Bridge in Mexico.

The UK-based company will be responsible for moving six cranes, three of which reach a height in excess of 300 m. The cranes will be loaded in Spain and the US before movement to the site.

Each crane will be moved in segments which weigh around 60 tonnes and require around seven 53' low boys, step decks or platforms to handle.

In total, the movement requires 15 segments, bringing the total weight of the consignment to around 900 tonnes.

When complete, the bridge will be the tallest structure in Latin America and the highest cable stayed bridge in the world.

Its final height of 390 m will make it the second highest road bridge on earth. It will also save about three and a half hours travel on the Durango-Mazatlan highway.