June 12 - Wagenborg Nedlift used its new 500 tonne capacity mobile crane to separate a 56 year old radio-telescope from its base near Dwingeloo, The Netherlands.

The radio-telescope was due to undergo maintenance and is now being sand-blasted and repainted.

The Dwingeloo Radio Telescope (DRT) is a single disc radio-telescope and a national monument with a diameter of 25 m and has discovered two small galaxies, close to our own galaxy, which are now named after the DRT: Dwingeloo I and Dwingeloo II.

After restoration, the telescope - the oldest rotating telescope of this size in the world - will be available for amateur radio transmitters, amateur astronomers and education institutions.

By the end of November, Wagenborg Nedlift anticipates reinstalling the telescope back on its base where it can operate again for at least another 50 years.