Wagenborg Nedlift is adding five MAN TGX 6 x 4 heavy haulage trucks to its fleet.

Wagenborg Nedlift

Image source: Wagenborg Nedlift

The heavy haulage trucks are equipped with a 15.2-litre D38 engine. Wagenborg Nedlift said they are ideally suited for challenging transports of heavy loads over long distances.

“Efficiency, a high degree of reliability, maximum payload and excellent driving comfort characterise the MAN TGX,” the company added.

The trucks are equipped with cleaner Euro 6 engines, while the MAN Tipmatic automatic transmission also ensures that they are more economical compared to the trucks they will replace in Wagenborg Nedlift’s fleet.

They are expected to be put into service around May 2023 and, among other tasks, will be used to transport counterweight for the heavy-duty cranes.