November 14 - Mammoet has announced the successful test of one of its new PTC (Platform Twin-ring Containerised) Super Heavy Lift cranes.

The crane, a PTC140 (pictured below), handled a test load of 3,520 tonnes at 33 m radius, rigged with an 83 m main boom and 36 m jib.

Mammoet says that "the maximum design load on the jib is 2,900 tonnes which sets a world record among jib and sheerleg cranes".

Designed in house, the crane is one of the three PTCs being built and tested at Mammoet's dedicated crane facility in Westdorpe near Terneuzen, the Netherlands and it will soon be shipped to Brazil for its first job.

The company is finishing work on the other two cranes of this series. Both the design and the construction of the cranes are checked in detail by Lloyd's Register