FESCO Projects

FESCO Projects

FESCO is one of the leading public transportation and logistics companies in Russia with an extensive experience in the transportation of goods by all modes of transport, using own assets and integrated logistics.

Company’s assets contain port facilities in Vladivostok, diversified rolling-stock, fleet of multifunctional ships, large fleet of ISO containers and inland logistics terminals. The majority of FESCO’s operations are located in the Russian Far East and the Group benefits from growing trade volumes between Russia and Asian countries with operations in Central Asia and Northern Arctic Routes' regions.

FESCO Project forwarding provides end-to-end logistics solutions to specialized industries such as oil and gas, mining, heavy industry, wind energy and nuclear power:

1. Consulting on the early stages of pre-project execution including pre-engineering studies of viability and assessment of adequate routes

2. Designing of a full-scale transportation concept

3. Supervision by qualified personnel along the important stages of the transport project

4. Transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes from the manufacturers’ premises anywhere in the world to the job site by all transport modes

5. Erection and installation of heavy equipment on site

Eurasia’s unique combination of maritime, railway, automobile services, as well as port and stevedore services, combined into a single logistics solution.

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