With the relocation of the Breakbulk Europe event from Antwerp, Belgium to Bremen, Germany, Anders Flensborg - the long-standing organiser of fundraising business runs at industry events - is planning a symbolic relay between the two cities for

Today, TEJO offers therapy to youngsters aged between ten and 20 at nine different locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. The relay seeks to raise funds for the establishment of a TEJO centre in Bremen, including volunteers and a location.

A relay baton made by youngsters at the TEJO centre in Antwerp will be passed from hand to hand on a route that first follows the Albert Canal, before moving onwards through the following places: Deurne, Turnhout, Eindhoven, Venlo, Duisburg, Marl, Horstmar, Greven Ladbergen, Osnabrück, Mühlen, Twistringen, and ending in Bremen.

To ensure the safe arrival of the baton, one individual has already committed to running the entire distance of approximately 500 km. Flensborg is also seeking companies or volunteers interested in taking over a full or a part of each daily leg (typically 35-55 km).

If running is not your forte, but you can offer the long-distance volunteer a coffee, meal, or somewhere to stay overnight - or just want to make a donation towards establishing a TEJO facility in Germany - you can still get involved.

Please email af@flenzies.com to explain how you would like to participate.

The relay runner will carry the colours of the current sponsors of the Breakbulk Business runs including the Port of Antwerp, United Heavy Lift, Geodis and Zuid Natie.

"Do good for your business and yourself and join us," suggests Flensborg.