USA-based Berard Transport has offloaded the 1,300-ton (1,179.3-tonne) VB-10,000 lift vessel.  


Image source: Berard

The VB-10,000 is a heavy lift twin-gantry catamaran with two truss space frames atop two barges. It was developed to clear debris from toppled oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  

Measuring 76 ft x 110 ft x 111 ft (23.2 m x 33.5 m x 33.9 m), Berard said it is the largest lift vessel ever built in the USA. 

The heavy transport specialist used a four-file SPMT configuration, consisting of 45 axle lines, as well as four power packs, barge ramps and winch trucks to move the unit from the deck barge to a staging area.  


Image source: Berard