Blue Bell Shipping has coordinated the delivery of breakbulk cargoes from Hamriyah, UAE, to north Iraq.

blue bell

Image source: Project Cargo Network (PCN)

The shipment included plant electrical rooms and prefabricated buildings, with weights up to 72 tonnes.

The cargo was first shipped from Hamriyah to Atakas port in Türkiye before it was loaded onto an out-of-gauge transport combination for transport to the project site in Iraq.

According to Blue Bell, this shipment was critical to the project due to its installation sequence. However, congestion at the major ports risked losing many days waiting for the cargo to arrive. To mitigate this, Blue Bell chartered a multipurpose vessel from Hamriyah to Atakas to enable a faster transit with less waiting times at berth.

For the road transport from Türkiye, Blue Bell conducted a route survey ahead of the transport to ensure the units, some of which measured nearly 5 m high and 5 m wide, could reach the site.

Blue Bell is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Iraq.