Bovis Group has used a combination of Enerpac SCJ-50 cube jacks and an Enerpac ETR-series trolley system to install an 80-tonne press at a French seal manufacturer.

BOVIS - Enerpac cube jack - Mezzanine

Bovis was also tasked with the assembly and positioning of a 7-tonne mezzanine for the press control cabinets. For both installations the company had to overcome height limitations at the facility.

The layout of the factory meant Bovis had to come up with an innovative and safe method of installing the mezzanine floor. Normally, the mezzanine would be constructed first and the three control cabinets lifted 3 m onto the floor. However, limited factory space and low roof height prevented the use of large lifting equipment to handle the cabinets.

Instead, Bovis chose to build the mezzanine, measuring 8 m long and 3 m wide, complete with control cabinets at ground level, raise it to the correct height and slide it into position next to the press using the ETR-Trolley system.

“By building the mezzanine, complete with control cabinets, at ground level and raising it into position we solved the issue of the low roof height and enabled a safer installation of the cabinets and wiring so that we didn’t have to work at height to install them,” said Jérôme Lebrequier, project manager, Bovis Centre.

“The combination of Enerpac cube jacks mounted on the trolley system worked very well, allowing us to complete the mezzanine construction and install in just 7 hours.”